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Rediscover the Value of Food

This year, rediscover the value of food, by sharing your food-saving tips and recipes with friends, family, and Canadians from coast-to-coast.

Asking for, and receiving help in the kitchen, is a powerful way to create connection, uncover food wisdom, and, ultimately, prevent food waste.

Did your Grandma teach you how to make soup with your leftover produce? Did your roommate teach you how to make dinner with just a few pantry staples? Or maybe your best friend taught you to store onions to make them last longer?

Everyone has a food-saving secret. Let’s bring that knowledge together, and share it widely, to stop food waste in its tracks. Reach out to each other, and to us, for tips on how to best buy, use and store food to prevent food waste.

Share your food-saving tip or recipe at the LFHW Canada Tips Board

Need inspiration? Check out our video series below!

We all benefit when we share our food saving tips and recipes.

Rediscover your creative food hacks
Rediscover your family favourites
Rediscover your creative side
Rediscover your wilted veggies