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Food Waste Champions

Food Waste Champions

You may have seen them on your screens, cookbooks, social media feed, or even know them as your friendly neighbour. These Canadians believe in rediscovering the value of our food and are sharing their tips, tricks and recipes.

Bob Blumer

One of Canada’s most beloved chefs, Bob Blumer is committed to helping Canadians rethink the way they look at household meals. Bob has been spotted on CBC, Global News, The Weather Network, Marilyn Dennis, and more sharing his easy to implement food saving tips.

Bob first encountered the issue of food waste while exploring his passion for cooking and food. He was the host of the Food Network’s The Surreal Gourmet, Glutton for Punishment, and World’s Weirdest Restaurants. He is also a cookbook author and illustrator.

It’s about looking at our food differently on a daily basis. Instead of automatically tossing that parmesan cheese rind or that sad little slice at the end of the bread loaf, let’s find easy ways to use and enjoy them. Preventing food waste is better for the environment than composting your food, and it’s better for your wallet too… food waste costs the average Canadian household 11 hundred bucks a year.


Jennifer Pallian

Based in the West Coast of Canada Jennifer Pallin better known as Foodess influences Canadians daily with her nutritional knowledge and understanding of what it means to run a busy household, feed a family, and prevent food waste all at once!

Her brand, Foodess, provides her audience a space to achieve greater knowledge about the science of cooking and become inspired with recipes that use up food items already in the fridge. After years of studying science-based cooking, Jennifer serves as a passionate voice on how a little creative energy can go a long way in preventing food waste in Canadian kitchens.

Christine Tizzard

Christine is most at home in her own kitchen, crafting recipes while maximizing the return of each organic ingredient, focusing on the philosophy that food should be used from root to tip. With years of exposure to how much food is wasted in Canada, Christine’s passion for food waste reduction was born and bred. She uses her platform to influence her audience to find ways to creatively use leftovers and ingredients already in your fridge.

Christine lives in Toronto where she makes cooking look easy through demos at trade shows, cooking classes, and her involvement in various culinary media events.

Hubert Cormier

A registered Dietician with a PhD in Nutrition Hubert Cormier stands out as an active leader and member of the food waste community.

He succeeds in bringing balanced nutrition to the pleasure of eating all while promoting a strong food waste prevention message to his audience. Hubert has developed recipes that use food items and strategies to prevent food waste in homes across Canada.

Calling Quebec home, you can catch him food styling, discussing food preservation in his local community, or whipping his next delicious creation in his kitchen.

David Jorge

Chef David Jorge, winner of MasterChef Canada season 2, is a concrete contractor, restaurant chef, and father of two from Surrey, B.C. David loves to cook for his family and friends, and has always been conscientious about not wasting food.

An avid family man, David understands how quickly food can be wasted and also how much money can be wasted on groceries that go unused. His experience in both the culinary industry and as a Dad makes him the perfect spokesperson on food waste strategies that don’t take up a lot of time – and are easy to implement at home.

Here, he shares his recipe for a Leftover Turkey Casserole that’s ooey gooey on the inside and crunchy on top. A savoury, comfort food treat.

Toni Desrosiers

Toni Desrosiers, the founder of the Canadian company Abeego is proud to be a Love Food Hate Waste Food Waste Champion. Abeego is her love child born out of a desire to live holistically and a deep drive to disrupt for good. Armed with her beeswax food wrap invention in one hand and a manifesto in the other, she leads an inspired community of nearly a million Wholehearted pioneer households hellbent on ending food waste for a food secure world.