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Food saving tips and recipes to make your time at home less stressful

We’ve been fighting food waste in the home for a while now, so when it comes to kitchen tips, recipe ideas, shopping skills and storage solutions – we’ve got the information you need to make your food go further and waste less.

We’ll be using our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to highlight resources that might help while you are at home, but in the meantime, we’ve posted some quick tips, tools and recipes below to help you get started.

We’ve also set up an online Tips Board for Canadians to share and learn food saving tips or recipes.  Share your best tips, and check back often, to see how Canadians are being ‘food-wise’!

Get started with these tips, tools, and recipes!

1. Take stock of what you’ve got, then plan your shop.

Making a meal plan and shopping with a list can help reduce the amount of trips you need to make to the store while also saving money and preventing food waste. Here’s our handy planner.

2. Store your fruit and veg correctly so that it stays fresher for longer.

Check out our Produce Guide for optimal storage suggestions. Some fruit and veg last longer than others so plan to eat those with a shorter lifespan first. Check out guidance on what to eat first from our friends in New Zealand.

3. Full Fridge?

Make sure your fridge is working for you by keeping it at the correct temperature, with food stored in the correct spot, to avoid food spoilage. Our Fridge Guide is here to help.

4. Don’t’ give up on your food too quickly!

Before you toss something in the compost, review our guidance on best before dates and check out our five ways to revive food. When in doubt, consider freezing, baking, canning or preserving.

5. Finding meal planning a challenge?

Think about recipes that come together with few ingredients, or recipes that are flexible and work great with substitutions. Also try to have a “Plan B” Pantry meal on hand – a dinner that come together with easy pantry staples and frozen vegetables in case you are low on fresh ingredients. Lentils, beans, rice, tuna, pasta are all pantry powerhouses! Need inspiration – check out our recipe library, or some top picks below.