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It’s a Labour of Love


Did you know that fruit and vegetables make up 45% of the food thrown out in Canadian homes?

We met with Canadian farmers to discover how some of our most commonly wasted fruits and vegetables are grown and produced.  Hear their growing stories first hand, and follow along as we unpack how to make the most of our fresh produce – from apples, potatoes, and blueberries to lettuce and tomatoes.   It’s takes a lot of dedication, hard work, resources and energy to produce our food and get it to its final destination: you and your family.

Proper storage goes a long way to making your produce stay fresher for longer. Learn how to store your food correctly in our A-Z Food Storage Guide.

Need recipe ideas? Check out our recipe collection or get creative with our “5 Ways With” page.

Consider this: it takes up to four months of hard work to harvest just one potato, yet in Canada, we waste a staggering 2.6 million potatoes every single day. Learn about the journey potatoes, and other foods, take from farm to fork.