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Blog: Every Bite Counts

Top Three Food Saving Summer Salads

It’s summer salad season! We love a good green, and Caesar, salad, but there are so many delicious and nutritious salad options that can use up all types of produce you have on hand. Here are our top three salad recipes to help you get creative in the kitchen while saving money and preventing food waste!


Lunch on-the-go is made easy with the invention of salads in a jar! First, add in your vinaigrette or favourite dressing. Veggies like cabbage and broccoli will do well, with moisture and acid at the bottom to act as a barrier for the more delicate produce. Next, pile on top anything you have lingering in the fridge– leftover carrots, wrinkled bell peppers, wilted herbs, last night’s leftover chicken, and any nuts and seeds from the pantry. Perfect for packed lunches or picnics in the sun, just shake when ready to eat and you’ve got a waste-free, healthy meal on the go!


Bread is one of the most commonly wasted foods in Canada, with 650,000 going to waste each day! If your fresh loaf has started to go stale, don’t panic – we’ve got the perfect recipe for you. This Grilled Bread and Tomato Salad brings new life to stale bread, and uses up those less than perfect tomatoes for an easy summer appy. In a small bowl, combine garlic seasoning paste and 1/2 tsp (2 mL) of olive oil. Brush one side of your bread slices with garlic and oil mixture. Grill oil side down for 1 to 2 minutes, or until grill marks appear. Cube bread into large pieces and transfer to salad bowl. Cut tomatoes and add to bowl. Toss salad with remaining olive oil, balsamic vinegar, basil and salt.


This BBQ Caesar Egg Salad  is great for greens and veggies that have started to wilt. Hard-boiled eggs and homemade vinaigrette top the char-grilled veggies for this grilled take on a Caesar salad. When collecting ingredients for your summer salads, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Use up leftover oils from condiments like sundried tomatoes, olive or pickle brine, or make a vinaigrette right out of a jar to use up the last few morsels at the bottom – all the flavour without any waste! Check the fridge for leftovers that can be incorporated. Add last night’s leftover rice or quinoa for added volume, deli meats or canned fished for protein, and toasted nuts or seeds for the perfect crunch!