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Wilted Lettuce

Did you know you can revive wilted lettuce? Not just the base for salads: here are 5 great ways to see your wilted greens in a new light.

1. Braise Lettuce

Romaine is a great substitute for cabbage in cooked dishes, as lettuce can readily absorb flavours.

2. Use In Place Of A Wrap

Bun-less burgers and lettuce wraps are just the start. Be creative with Asian-inspired fillings, taco or fajita fillings, chicken nuggets or anything else you want to wrap in carb-free goodness.

3. Use In Pesto

Substitute half the basil in your pesto recipe with lettuce. It’s a great way to add body and moisture while mellowing out basil’s intense flavour.

4. Pickle It

If your lettuce hasn’t wilted yet, you can pickle it. The tangy flavour of pickled lettuce makes a great side dish or addition to sandwiches and salads.

5. Juice It

Sneak a few leaves into your homemade juice. We like the combo of romaine, lemon, apple and ginger, but you can experiment with any fruits and veggies you have on hand.

Did You Know?

Lettuce is one of the most commonly wasted foods in Canada, with households throwing out 470,000 heads of lettuce every day.