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Blog: Every Bite Counts

Fresh from Whole Leaf Greenhouse – Meet Farmer Rindi Bristol

Whole Leaf Greenhouse

With every bite of produce from Whole Leaf Greenhouse, you’ll encounter the dedication and passion embodied by Rindi Bristol, the Senior Director of Sales at this farm in Lethbridge, Alberta. With six years of farming experience, Rindi understands every facet of growing, packing, and processing that goes into growing produce.

Whole Leaf Greenhouse

Whole Leaf Greenhouse specializes in Living Lettuce, along with many lettuce varieties crafted into convenient ready-to-eat salad blends. Their produce can be found on the shelves of major Canadian retailers and local produce and grocery outlets throughout the region. The lettuce journey from seed to table spans 35 to 42 days, adapting to the changing weather on the Alberta prairies, where growing is a labour of love year-round.

Whole Leaf Greenhouse’s goal is to produce foods they would be proud to share with their own families. This commitment is mirrored in the extensive testing and safety measures undertaken by Rindi and her team. It’s a testament to the intricate care they invest in every leaf that graces our salad bowls.

Challenges can be varied, particularly in the face of Alberta’s unpredictable winters. The balance of light, water, heat, and plant nutrition becomes an art form, requiring meticulous attention to each delicate step. The infancy of the greenhouse lettuce industry adds an extra layer of complexity for Rindi and her team.

Rindi’s Top Lettuce Storage Tip: Living Lettuce is still alive! Like all living things, a small drink of water when you get home and before you put the lettuce into your fridge will make sure it lasts until the very last leaf.