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5 Ways with Leftover Chicken/Turkey

Consider yourself lucky if you have leftover cooked chicken or turkey. Nutritious and delicious with half the work already done.

No matter how you’ve cooked it, leftover poultry is perfect for repurposing into new dishes. Here are five ways with leftover cooked chicken or turkey to start you off.

1. Make Your Soup A Meal

Pick a soup, any soup, and add cooked chicken or turkey. Add it towards the end of cooking just to heat through. It’s that easy. Use some in this classic Chicken Noodle Soup.

Chicken Noodle Soup
2. Freeze It

If you can’t use your cooked chicken or turkey within three days, freeze it to use another day. For convenience, remove it from the bone and freeze it sliced or diced to quickly thaw and add to recipes.

3. Make Homemade Stock

After removing most of the meat off the bones, use any remaining bits to make soup stock. If you don’t have enough bones, freeze them. Once you’ve saved enough bones, use them and scrap veggies to make stock like this Turkey Stock by Christine Tizzard.

4. Chop Into Your Salad

Turn your favourite salad into a satisfying meal by adding cooked chicken or turkey. Make turkey or chicken the star with  Christine Tizzard’s Turkey Chop Salad or this Curried Chicken Salad.

5. Add A Curry To Your Meal Plan

Leftover chicken or turkey saves a ton of time when making delicious, comforting curries like Green Thai Curry or Turkey and Chickpea Coconut Curry. If you have slightly more or less meat than a recipe calls for, add more or less liquid or vegetables.

Turkey Chickpea Curry

Did You Know?

Did you know all cuts of chicken and turkey are an excellent source of high-quality protein? It’s worth using up every little morsel. If you don’t have quite enough leftovers for a recipe use beans, cashews or extra veggies to make up the difference.