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Kale Stems and Leaves

Kale stems and leaves are packed full of nutritional value, but often get neglected and thrown out. Here are 5 ways to use up the whole leafy green – stems and all!

1. Make Chips

Baking kale in the oven completely changes its flavour and aroma, turning a leafy tough raw vegetable into a crispy and addictive snack. Experiments with your herbs and flavoured salts to make a variety of chip flavours.

2. Make Pesto

Use up kale stems by blanching them and blending into your pesto recipe.

3. Make A Salad Or Slaw

Finely slice the stems to make a crunchy slaw or salad topper.

4. Add It To A Smoothie

A few loose kale leaves left? Kale is one of the top superfoods. Adding a handful significantly increases the nutritional content of your smoothies and gives you a mental boost of energy to start your day.

5. Stir Into Stews

Add kale to a soup or stew to add body and nutrition.

Did You Know?

Kale becomes one of the best bases to your salad if you know how to use it! Cut your kale into small pieces, drizzle a bit of olive oil on top, roll up your sleeves and start massaging those leaves. The leaves will turn a vibrant green and be much easier to digest!