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5 Ways with Mushrooms

Fresh mushrooms last about a week in the fridge when stored properly. Brush or wipe them with a damp cloth just prior to using. If they’re starting to go past their prime, here are five ways to use them up.

1. Make Soup

Mushroom’s umami flavour is perfect for soup, no matter what shape they’re in. Use them as the star ingredient in this Lentil & Mushroom Soup or add to your favourite vegetable soup.

2. Freeze Them

Freeze mushrooms raw or cooked; sliced or diced. Cooked mushrooms will hold their colour and texture better than raw mushrooms when frozen. Use in soups, stews and casseroles where looks aren’t an issue.

3. Sauté Them

Slice and sauté mushrooms with herbs and other aromatics. They make great toppings for pizza, crackers or toast, like this Mushroom and Tarragon Buttery Toast recipe.

Mushroom Toast
4. Add-in

Add cooked or raw mushrooms to stuffing, rice pilaf, meatloaf, perogies, dumplings, casseroles, curries, dahl, or this Versatile Lasagna or Christine Tizzard’s Mini Stuffed Squash.

5. Make A New Egg Dish

Mushrooms are a tasty addition to any egg dish. Try them in this Fridge Harvest Frittata or these Omlette Wraps.

Did You Know?

Whole mushrooms will last longer than pre-sliced mushrooms? It’s true, you’ll get almost twice as much time to use up whole mushrooms when stored in a paper bag in the low humidity crisper (produce) drawer of your fridge.