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Best ways to store and use Cranberries

What is the best storage for cranberries? Can you freeze cranberries? How long do cranberries last in the fridge? We have answers to all of these food-saving questions and storage tips:

Best Storage

The fridge is the best place to store cranberries. They can be kept in their original packaging or an airtight container.

Ensure your fridge is set between 0 and 4° C.

Can I Freeze It?


Fresh cranberries can be frozen for up to a year.

Fresher For Longer

Fresh cranberries should be kept chilled. Stored at room temperature they will only last a couple of days.

Use It Up

Cranberries can be used in a variety of sweet and savoury recipes.

Use extra cranberries to make a homemade cranberry sauce or jelly that can be stirred into cream cheese or mixed into baking.

Did You Know?

To harvest cranberries the fields are flooded with water, which makes picking easier as the berries float to the top.

Get More From Your Food

Cranberries and pistachios make a great pairing in terms of flavour and texture – a fun combo for Christmas baking too!