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Blog: Every Bite Counts

Renewing Your Commitment to Prevent Food Waste

Welcome to a new year filled with more opportunities to make a positive impact and prevent food waste.

Now’s a great time to reflect on your success in 2023 and identify where you’d like to improve in 2024. In 2023, some of us learned and shared how to get much better at using all parts of vegetables, so hopefully you’re peeling less and finding more creative ways to use stalks, stems and leaves. This year, set another goal. Maybe it’s to conquer the freezer and use up what’s in there before buying more? What food waste prevention strategies worked best for you in 2023 and what challenge(s) do you plan to tackle in 2024?

For inspiration and ideas here’s a look at our three pillars of preventing waste Plan It Out, Use It Up, and Keep It Fresh along with practical tips to add to your waste free kitchen habits.


Plan It Out

Plan ahead so you only buy what you need and use everything you buy.

  1. Do an Inventory Check First: Build your meal plan and shopping list based on what you have in your fridge, freezer and pantry.
  2. Create a Meal Plan & Shopping List: Jot down four or five meal ideas for the week to guide your shopping list.
  3. Think Double Duty: Plan a second meal around leftovers and extra ingredients. For example, turn Tuesday’s tacos and extra peppers into a delicious chili.

Use It Up

Learn to use what you’ve got.

  1. Embrace the WHOLE Vegetable: Keep those peels, stalks and tops! For example, potato skins are great in smashed baked potatoes, and carrot tops can add a burst of flavour to pesto.
  2. Think Twice About Best Before Dates: They’re an indicator of quality not safety, use them as a reminder to use up the food.
  3. Revive Limp Produce: Give limp celery, wilted lettuce or bendy carrots a second chance with these revival tips.

Keep it Fresh

Make food last longer by storing it in the best way possible.

  1. Practice FIFO “First In, First Out”: Place older items at the front to ensure they are used before newer purchases.
  2. Create an “Eat Me First” Section: It’s a simple visual reminder for ALL household members.
  3. Do a Quick Search: Check our A to Z Food Storage Guide to learn how to best store food for long lasting flavour.


From all of us here at Love Food Hate Waste – Thank You for your ongoing commitment to preventing food waste. Every little bit counts and we’re always here to help and inspire your ongoing journey. For more inspiration visit or follow us Instagram @lovefoodhatewasteca.