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Best Ways To Store And Use Bread

Best Storage

The cupboard is the best place to store bread.

Keep bread and rolls in a cool, dark and dry place, like a bread bin or cupboard, in their original packaging. Most packed bread and packaged bakery products can be eaten two days to up to a week after the best before date. If mould is present, do not eat.

Can I Freeze It?


You can freeze all varieties of bread any time from the day you bought them to their best before date. To make it easier to separate bread slices after freezing, fan the bread loaf on its side to separate the slices before they go in the freezer so they don’t get stuck together. Slices from a frozen loaf can be defrosted as needed or toasted straight from the freezer.

Fresher For Longer

If you store bread in the fridge it will make it go stale quicker! Once you unwrap a loaf, fold the wrapper under the loaf or re-tie it with the “best before” tag or a food clip.

Use It Up

Stale bread makes great breadcrumbs that you can freeze or use right away as a breading for meats, as a topping for a crumble or pasta bake, in a stuffing or to help thicken sauces.

Did You Know?

Bread lasts longer when stored at room temperature or in the freezer. Only store your bread in the fridge if the weather is really hot. Take it out of the fridge about an hour before you use it to soften it up.

Did you know you can make sandwiches from frozen bread? The slices will defrost by lunchtime, keeping the filling cool.

Get More From Your Food

Grilled bread & tomato salad

Toss salad with remaining olive oil, balsamic vinegar, basil and salt.