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5 ways with Overripe Bananas

It happens to us all. You buy a bunch of bananas – and despite keeping them out of the fruit bowl and away from other fruit so they don’t ripen too fast – one or two always go brown before you get around to eating them.

So what can you do?

Take a fresh approach and see brown bananas not as compost, but as the key ingredient in delicious recipes.

1. Use Them In Baking

Ripe bananas can replace eggs in many baked goods, as they bind ingredients together and add creaminess to the texture. The rule of thumb is 1/4 ripe mashed banana for every egg.

Bananas are rightly loved in many classic breakfast foods, from banana bread and muffins to pancakes. Mash them up and you’re good to go.

Source: Jennifer Pallian | Foodess

2. Add Them To Your Smoothie

Ripe bananas add the perfect sweetness and body to your smoothies. Catch your banana before it turns black and pop it into the blender!

3. Freeze Them

Catch your bananas before they turn black. Peel them and freeze in portions in reusable freezer-friendly containers so you can easily pull out what you need for your baked goods or ice cream.

4. Make Ice Cream

Blend up frozen bananas with a touch of cocoa powder until smooth for instant homemade chocolate ice cream!

5. Dry Them

If your bananas are ripe but still slightly firm to the touch, banana chips might be your next project. Slice thin and bake for two hours at 250°F.

No mess. No dishes. No extra calories.

Did You Know?

Overripe bananas are SOOO versatile that some people only use brown bananas in their households.