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Best Ways To Store And Use Spinach

Best Storage

The fridge is the best place to store spinach.

Keep spinach fresh by storing in its original packaging in the fridge.

Ensure your fridge is set between 0 and 4°C.

Can I Freeze It?


Although you can freeze raw spinach in bags, it will be watery when defrosted, making it suitable for use in stews, pastas or casseroles.

Fresher For Longer

Just as you would with a bag of salad leaves, pop a piece of paper towel in the bag of spinach and seal it with a bag clip. This will absorb any excess moisture.

Use It Up

Spinach is delicious raw or cooked. Add to salads or use up wilted spinach in your favourite one-pot dish.

Before spinach is about to wilt, add a couple handfuls to your smoothies, or make a spinach artichoke rip or spinach pesto.

Did You Know?

Spinach is loaded with nutrients, fibre, vitamins and antioxidants. It benefits eye health, helps prevent cancer and reduces blood pressure levels. To enjoy the nutritional benefits of spinach, you must eat it fresh and as soon as possible after it was picked. Spinach tends to lose its nutritional powerhouse properties with each day that passes.

Spinach juice makes a great natural dye.

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