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Best ways to store and use Oranges

What is the best storage for oranges? Can you freeze oranges? How long do oranges last in the fridge? We have answers to all of these food-saving questions and storage tips:

Best Storage

The fridge is the best place to store oranges.
Ripen oranges on the countertop, then store in the fridge to extend their shelf life.

Ensure your fridge is set between 0 and 4°C.

Can I Freeze It?


Oranges can be peeled, sliced and frozen, or juiced into ice cube trays and frozen for adding to drinks and cooking. If you freeze oranges whole with the peel on, it will be easy to zest them with a grater when you want a pop of flavour later on.

Fresher For Longer

Keep your oranges in the fridge to prolong their shelf life.

Use It Up

When juicing oranges, start by rolling the fruit on a hard surface with your hand. This makes the orange easier to squeeze when cut so that you can get the most juice from it.

Did You Know?

Keeping oranges in a bowl of water in your fridge can help them retain their moisture and freshness for a couple of months.
You can also use citrus fruit peels to infuse water with bright flavour.